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“a beautiful, eye-opening, heart-pounding adventure from one end of the great river to the other.”

—Charleston City Paper

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The epic story of the first complete descent of the world’s deadliest river.  Join the expedition deep in Africa, as they set out to complete one of the last great adventures of the modern age: running the full length of the Blue Nile, known as the Mt. Everest of rivers, from its source in Ethiopia to the Mediterranean Sea.

Led by expedition leader Pasquale Scaturro, this tenacious group becomes the first in history to conquer all 3,250 miles of the river, overcoming nearly insurmountable obstacles in the process: Class V and VI rapids, a crocodile attack, dangerous hippos, arrests by Ethiopian and Egyptian militia, gunfire from bandits, blinding sandstorms, malaria threats, and the relentless heat of the fierce Saharan sun. Over the past century, many explorers attempted the same feat but have died trying.


“… exciting journey, full of dazzling images.”
—The Oregonian

“a beautiful, eye-opening, heart-pounding adventure from one end of the great river to the other.”
—Charleston City Paper

“Beautiful cinematography…the audience will feel as though they, too, are running the rapids.”
—Newark Star-Ledger

“…does not fail to boggle the mind...stunning images galore.”
—Box Office Magazine


The highest grossing giant screen film of 2005.

Special Achievement in Filmmaking Award—2005 Giant Screen Theater Association
Achievement Awards. Presented to Greg MacGillivray and Jordi Llompart

Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack—2005 Giant Screen Theater Assoc. Achievement Awards

Film of Outstanding Content—Shanghai Science Week Film Festival, 2008

Nominated for a Panda Award (one of five finalists in the Large Format category)—2006 Wildscreen Film Festival, Bristol, England

Best Adventure Trip of the Year—Spanish Geographic Society 2006 Awards

Grand Prize, Youth Prize and Public’s Choice Prize—2006 La Géode Large Format Film Festival, Paris (the only time all 3 awards have been awarded to the same film)



Mystery of the Nile Blu-ray DVD

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Mystery of the Nile DVD

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Mystery of the Nile Soundtrack
Mystery of the Nile,
featuring music inspired by the indigenous music of the people that live along the Nile. With its rich history the area includes a unique combination of African and Middle Eastern styles. Available only at CD Baby.


The Epic Story of the First Descent of the World's Deadliest River

By Richard Bangs and Pasquale Scaturro.

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Also available in Spanish.

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Produced by Orbita Max,
MacGillivray Freeman Films

A Great Adventure Film

A film for IMAX® Theatres and
giant screen cinemas from two-time
Academy Award®-nominated producers
MacGillivray Freeman Films
and Orbita Max