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"...takes the viewer
into the tree tops
with the chimps."

—The Courier-Journal, Lousiville

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ChimpsTravel to Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania and accompany world-renowned wildlife biologist Jane Goodall on her treks to observe chimpanzees in the wild. Meet Goodall’s now-famous chimpanzee subjects and get an up-close look at them as they hunt, play, and communicate with one another. See archival footage of Dr. Goodall in her early years at Gombe, and watch as Goodall’s relationship evolves from one of strictly scientific interest to one of devotion and a firm commitment to chimpanzee survival. Meet the next generation of researchers at Gombe, whose mission it is to carry on Dr. Goodall’s legendary work.


—Toronto Sun

“…the jungle has surrounded you on the 90-foot-tall screen. The only thing missing from this immersion in sight and sound is the smell of the chimps.”
—USA Today

“The IMAX format takes the viewer into the tree tops with the chimps. It also brings their intelligent, primate glazes straight out of the screen and into the eyes of the human viewers. You may begin to understand how Goodall felt at the first gaze so many decades ago.”
—The Courier-Journal, Lousiville

“…the vast-screen photography here is stunning, from faraway views of the lush green hills of Tanzania to crystal-clear close-ups of the young chimps, with their wizened little faces and sparse white beards.”
—The Seattle Times


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Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees

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