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The highest grossing IMAX® documentary film of all time

"…a powerful, absorbing adventure..."

—The Hollywood Reporter

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Everest is an inspirational and spell-binding ascent with an international team of climbers who found hope, beauty and triumph in the wake of tragedy.  The film tells the dramatic true story of the Everest Expedition’s journey to the summit, just days after the infamous 1996 tragedy in which eight climbers lost their lives in a deadly storm. Over creaking ice falls, across quaking chasms, up dangerous, towering cliffs, through a harrowing rescue of fellow mountaineers, and into the mystical danger zone of oxygen-thin altitude, the climbers and camera team maintain the spirit of determination, optimism and camaraderie that leads to miraculous achievements.  

Everest features the first giant screen images ever brought back from Mt. Everest.  The film includes fascinating information about how this mountain was formed and continues to evolve, how high-altitude challenges a climber’s physical and mental capabilities, and how Sherpa culture and tradition permeates the Mount Everest experience. But Everest is also a rich, dramatic story about the relationship between a group of daring human beings and the mountain they love, respect and sometimes fear.


"…a powerful, absorbing adventure..."
—The Hollywood Reporter

“…combines real-life tragedy and derring-do with eye-popping scenery for an effect that’s as dramatic as it is fascinating and spectacular...Somber yet exciting and beautiful, this dazzling doc is sure to be a favorite…”
—Daily Variety

“What the large-format IMAX screen was made for: a breathtaking climb to the top of Mount Everest that reveals the world’s highest mountain in all of its awesome, perilous grandeur.”  “A.”
—Entertainment Weekly

“…images so exhilarating you can practically feel the sting of the wind on your skin.”
—Boston Globe

"…takes moviemaking to new heights—in every sense of the phrase."
—New York Post


The highest grossing IMAX® documentary film of all time.

Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Score—Maximum Image Awards, IMAX Corporation (Best score: George Harrison & Steve Wood)

IMAX Award for Outstanding Achievement and Excellence in Large Format Filmmaking—IMAX Corporation

Grand Award and WorldMedal for International Non-Broadcast Media (Documentary)—New York Festivals

Grand Prix du Public—La Géode Film Festival Award, Paris

Golden Eagle Award (Documentary Feature)—Cine Golden Eagle

Platinum Best of Show (Documentary)—The Aurora Awards

Grand Award—Best Film & Video Production (Documentary)—The Worldfest Flagstaff and Worldfest Houston

Chris Award (Best of Nature & Wildlife category) and Certificate of Excellence in Media Print (Press Kit and Teacher’s Guide)—The Columbus International Film & Video Festival

Gold Angel Award (Best Adventure Film)—The International Angel Awards

2nd Place (Recreation/Promotion category)—Outdoor Writers Association of America, North American Film/Video Awards



Everest DVD
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Everest CD
Everest soundtrack CD, including the music of George Harrison, on Ark 21 Records

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Everest: Mountain without Mercy
By Broughton Coburn

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